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1962 Folksinger's Choice Radio Broadcast 11th March 1962 Broadcast Yes 1 Disc
1962 All Hallows Eve Live in NYCat Philharmonic Hall 31st October 64/WBAI-FM Radio(Broadside), NYC, May 1962 Excellent: got an upgrade on this. Much smoother. Yes 2 Discs
1962 Freewheelin' Outtakes April-November 1962 Outtakes/acetate Yes 1 Disc
1962 Montreal 1962 Finjan Club, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 2nd July 1962 Soundboard Yes 1 Disc
1962 Gaslight Tapes Gaslight Cafe, New York City, October 1962 Soundboard Yes 1 Disc
1962-1964 Witmark Years Demo versions taped for copyright purposes for his publisher 1962-1964 Demo: acoustic guitar or piano Yes 2 Discs
1963 Town Hall - The Concert New York City, 12th April 1963 Live with some added studio rareties No 1 Disc
1965 From The Heart 1 1965 Studio Outtakes Soundboard Yes 1 Disc
1965 From The Heart 2 Manchester Free Trade Hall, England 7th May 1965 Soundboard Yes 1 Disc
1965 At The Beeb Apparently a new tape of the 8th June 1965 performance: broadcast 19th and 26th June 1965 on the BBC. It is pretty good. Near excellent for what it is. Yes 1 Disc
1965 Now's The Time For Your Tears Live, Free Trade Hall, Manchester, UK, 5th July 1965 Soundboard Yes 1 Disc
1966 Guitars Kissing And The Contemporary Fix Live, Manchester, UK, 17th May 1966 Soundboard Yes 2 Discs
1966 Genuine Live 1966 Outstanding collection of performances from 1966 Soundboard Yes 8 Discs
1969 Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash Volume I 17-18th February 1969 Soundboard but not perfect No 1 Disc
1969 Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash Volume II CBS and ABC TV 1st May 1969 plus some Dylan/Harrison/Cash tracks As above: some tracks sourced from vinyl No 1 Disc
1969-1970 Almost Went To See Elvis Various studio tracks 1969-1970 Soundboard Yes 1 Disc
1974 Madison Square Garden 1974 With The Band 3rd January 1974 Soundboard (hissy, couple of awkward edits) Yes 1 Disc
1975 The World of John Hammond 10th September1975.
PBS network broadcast 13th September 1975.
Sounboard (three songs) No 1 Disc
1975 Plymouth Rock War Memorial Auditorium, Plymouth, Ma, 31st October 1975 and Palace Theater Waterbury, CT, 11th November 1975 Soundboard Yes 1 Disc
1975 Knight of the Hurricane Benefit for Hurricane Carter, New York City, 8th December 1975 Excellent audience (last four tracks have some digital noise from the recording) Yes 2 Discs
1975 Songs For Patty Valentine Various 1975 material Generally soundboard Yes 1 Disc
1976 The Days Before Hard Rain Rehearsals in hotel rooms and more from April and May 1976 Demo Soundboard Yes 1 Disc
1976 Hold The Fort For What It's Worth Rolling Thunder Review: various concerts sources April-May 1976 Excellent: some clumsy edits Yes 2 Discs
1978 Border Beneateh The Sun: Definitive Edition Pavilion de Paris, Paris, France, 6th July 1978 Splendid audience F B 2 Discs
1978 Looking for Myself Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, 30th September 1978 Rather splendid audience Yes 2 Discs
1980 Rock Solid Alleged unreleased live album: Massey Hall, Toronto, 19th April 1980 Pretty awesome soundboard Yes 1 Disc
1987 Basel 1987 Basel, Switzerland 10th September 1987 Very good audience No 1 Disc
1987 Critics Choice Vol. 5 & 6 Wembley Arena, London, UK Oct. 16, 1987
Bonus: Wembley Arena, Oct. 14, 15, 17,  1987
Pretty good audience Yes 2 Discs
1993 Apollo Landing Apollo Theatre, London, 8th February 1993 with bonus Apollo Theatre, London, 7th February 1993 tracks Excellent audience Yes 2 Discs
1993 Great Woods Live 13th September 1993 Soundboard Yes 2 Discs
1994 Sensei Koseinenkin Hall , Hiroshima, Japan, 16th February 1994.  "This is a great recording of an historic concert. Dylan performs some long absent jewels during this first tour of Japan in nearly a decade. The highlight tonight is a breathtaking acoustic version of Masters of War. The first time in over 30 years!" (c) Bob's Boots Excellent audience: could be soundboard. Yes 1 Disc
1995 Forever Young Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert, Cleveland 2nd September 1995: has Springsteen and others Broadcast No 1 Disc
1997 In the World of Wayne Rec. Center, William Paterson College, Wayne, NJ, 13 April 1997 with some 1999 bonus tracks Cannot tell you how good this audience recording is: truly exceptional No 2 Discs
1997 Wolf Trap 97 24th August 1997 Vienna, VA Excellent (from ALD, I think). Second show plus Filler. No 2 Discs
1997 Bathed in a Stream of Pure Heat Excellent compilation of the 1997 Spring tour Soundboard Yes 2 Discs
1998 Voices In The Garden Selected acoustic performances from the residency at Madison Square Garden/The Theater, NYC in January 1998 Excellent audience F I B 1 Disc
1998 At the Globe Arena Stockholm, Sweden, 9th June 1998 plus other venues Excellent (outstanding) Yes 3 Discs
1998 Scandinavium Scandinavium, Goteborg, Sweden, 10th June 1998. Unreleased Crystal Cat. Excellent audience. Custom 2 Discs
1999 The Lonely Graveyard of My Mind Various February 1999 shows: excellent piece Near Excellent Yes 2 Discs
2000 Sun Beating at the Altar Anaheim, California 10th March 2000 "Great audience recording..." (c) Bob's Boots Yes 1 Disc
2000 Scandinavium 2000 Scandinavium, Goteborg, Sweden, 14th May 2000 Pretty good audience Custom 2 Discs
2000 True Love Needs No Company Halle Münsterland, Münster, Germany, 1st October 2000 Soundboard Yes 2 Discs
2000 London Wembley Arena 2000 5th October 2000 (First Night): Crystal Cat Excellent Audience Yes 2 Discs
2001 Bergen 2001 Nygärdsparken, Bergen, Norway, 26th June 2001 Soundboard Yes 2 Discs
2001 Uncasville Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, Ct., 20th November 2001. Highly regarded boot. Near excellent audience F B 2 Discs
2001 I Got A Harmonica Job Various from 2001 featuring that ol' harmonica playing Excellent Yes 4 Discs
2002 All Ages Catch Dylan Philips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia, 9th February 2002 ALD: excellent quality but read details on the link. Yes 2 Discs
2002 And Then I Landed in Brussels Forest Nationals, Brussels, 28th April 2002 Soundboard Yes 2 Discs
2002 Kingston Unwanted Ryan Center, University Of Rhode Island, Kingston, Rhode Island, 20th November 2002 Pretty good audience Custom 2 Discs
2004 Park West 2004 Chicago, Illinois, 8th March 2004 Excellent Audience Yes 2 Discs
2004 I's in a State of Shock Compilation: 15th/16th/17th March 2004 Detroit Pretty good audience No 1 Disc
2004 Phoenix Rising: Just Like That Bird The Phoenix, Toronto, Ontario, 20th March 2004 Excellent Audience Yes 2 Discs
2004 Philadelphia 2004 Tower Theater, Philly, 29th March 2004 Audience No 2 Discs
2004 Warner Theater 2004 Warner Theater,Washington DC, 4th April 2004 Excellent Audience No 2 Discs
2004 Charleston 2004 Joseph P. Riley, Jr. Park, Charleston, SC, 17th August, 2004
Audience: Masked and Anonymous recording No 2 Discs
2004 Oklahoma Bricktown SBC Bricktown Ballpark, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 3rd September 2004 Near excellent audience No 2 Discs
2004 San Francisco The Regency Center, The Grand Ballroom, 13th October 2004 Excellent audience No 2 Discs
2004 Santa Clara 2004 Leavey Center, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA, 14th October 2004
A rather splendi mix of two excellent audience sources to create a pleasurable listen. A Watchtower remaster/remix. No 2 Discs
2004 Fresno 2004 Fresno State University, Save Mart Center, 16th October, 2004 Audience: lacks a little separation No 2 Discs
2004 Iowa 2004 University Of Iowa, Carver-Hawkeye Arena, Iowa City, Iowa, 29th October 2004 Excellent Audience No 2 Discs
2004 Messiah College 2004 Brubaker Auditorium, Messiah College, Grantham, PA, 6th November 2004 Excellent audience Custom 2 Discs
2004 Toledo John F. Savage Hall, University of Toledo, Ohio, 10th November 2004 Near Excellent No 2 Discs
2004 Saint Bonaventure 2004 Saint Bonaventure University, Reilly Center Arena, Saint Bonaventure, New York, 11th November 2004 Rather enjoyable audience No 2 Discs
2004 Lehigh University 2004 Stabler Arena, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 16th November 2004 Fine audience: Streetcar Visions recording Simple custom 2 Discs
2004 Rochester Institute of Technology Version 1 13th November 2004. Taper: Spyder9. Excellent audience No 2 Discs
2004 Rochester Institute of Technology Version 2 13th November 2004. Taper: Streetcar Visions. Excellent audience No 2 Discs
2004 Binghamton University 2004 Binghamton University Events Center, New York, 14th November 2004 Splendid audience: Spyder9 recording. No 2 Discs
2004 Rhode Island Ryan Center, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Rhode Island, 17th November 2004 Excellent audience: Streetcar Visions recording No 2 Discs
2004 Durham 2004 Whittemore Arena, University of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire, 18th November 2004 Fine audience: Streetcar Visions recording. No 2 Discs
2004 Mullins Center 2004 University Mullins Center, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts 20th November 2004 Fine audience: Streetcar Visions recording Custom 2 Discs
2004 Amherst 2004 Mullins Center, University of Massachussetts, Amherst, Ma, 20th November 2004 Audience No 2 Discs
2004 Harvard 2004 Gordon Track and Tennis Center, Harvard University, Allston, MA, 21st November 2004 Excellent Audience No 2 Discs
2005 Seattle Paramount Theater, Seattle, Washington, 8th March 2005 Very good audience: bit big on the bass No 2 Discs
2005 Rain Unraveled Tales Orpheum Theatre,  Boston, MA,   15th April 15, 2005. Pleasant sounding audience Yes 2 Discs
2005 Bright House Bright House Networks Field, Clearwater, Florida, 29th May 2005 Lovely audiemce recording No 2 Discs
2005 Myrtle Beach 2005 Coastal Federal Field, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, 3rd June 2005
Very good audience No 2 Discs
2005 Savannah Grayson Stadium, Savannah, Georgia, 4th June 2005 Rather splendid audience No 2 Discs
2005 Kelowna Prospera Place, Kelowna, British Columbia, 22nd July 2005 Pretty good audience No 2 Discs
2006 Dead Center Springfield, Mo, 22nd April 2006 Pretty good audience Custom 2 Discs
Outtakes and More TITLE DETAILS SOURCE ART Discs
  Thin Wild Mercury Music Studio outtakes 1965-66 Studio Yes 1 Disc
Deeds of Mercy 'Oh Mercy' outakesSoundboard: some tape hissYes1 Disc
Blood On The Tapes 'Blood On The Tracks' outtakes Excellent Yes 1 Disc
New Morning: Acetates and Sessions Remastered Supposedly 'New Morning' and 'Self Portrait' sessions but possibly a cleaned up version with some outtakesSoundboardYes1 Disc
Ring Them Bells 'Oh Mercy' outtakesNear excellent: not first generationYes1 Disc
Rough Cuts Marvellous selection of 'Infidels' session tracks. Correctly indexed. Studio Yes 2 Discs
Tempest Storm 'Empire Burlesque' outtakes Studio Yes 1 Disc
Unheard Pat Garrett From the soundtrack sessions: looks like an incomplete 'Lucky Luke' to me. Studio Yes 1 Disc


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