Born In The Studio Wild Innocent and Born To Run studio sessions 73/74/75 Yes 1 Disc
Coliseum Night Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, New York, 29th December 1980 Soundboard Yes 3 Discs
Duets Live Various Live with various celeb friends Audience Yes 1 Disc
Edinburgh Playhouse 1996 3rd MArch 1996. Quite splendid. Audience: some clipping. No 2 Discs
Fistfull of Dollars Solo acoustic demos for Nebraska Excellent Yes 1 Disc
Forever Young Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert, Cleveland 2nd September 1995: has Dylan and others Broadcast No 1 Disc
Freehold Night St. Rose Of Lima School, Freehold, New Jersey, 8th November 1996 Excellent audience No 2 Discs
From Small Things Tunnel of Love tour rehearsals plus Letterman 93 Audience Yes 1 Disc
Genuine Tracks Various studio and live Superb collection Yes 4 Discs
Heart of Darkness Copy of the Darkness acetate: excellent disc Excellent: acetate copy Yes 1 Disc
I Need A Little More Piano (Remastered) Compilation of solo piano performances 1990-2002 Very good Basic Custom 1 Disc
I'm Turning Into Elvis Live: various New York City locations Varies but mostly near excellent Yes 1 Disc
Independence Night London, Wembley Stadium, 4th July 1985 Fine audience Yes 3 Discs
Let Your Passions Flow John Kerry Rally 29th October 2004 Splendid Audience No 1 Disc
Missing Tracks 90's Various Excellent Custom 1 Disc
Nassau Night 31st December 1980 Excellent Yes 3 Discs
Nebraska Live From various shows but nicely edited Very good to near excellent: audience DAT? Yes 1 Disc
Oh Boy! West Virginia 4th August, 1978 Soundboard Yes 2 Discs
Plugged - The Rehearsals Sound/Mix checks included Soundboard Yes 1 Disc
Reasons To Believe (aka Blowin' Down That Road) Various live December 1995-January1996 Says audience but damn fine Yes 1 Disc
Sony Studios Sony Studios, New York 5th April 1995 Soundboard Yes 2 Discs
Tearing The Walls Of Jersey Down Convention Hall, Asbury Park, New Jersey, 19th March 1999 Excellent Audience DAT Yes 2 Discs
The Lost Masters I Alone in Colts Neck: The Complete Nebraska Sessions Excellent Yes 1 Disc
The Lost Masters II One Way Street (Darkness Masters Volume I) Excellent Yes 1 Disc
The Lost Masters III Rattling The Chains (Darkness Masters Volume II) Excellent Yes 1 Disc
The Lost Masters XIX Born In The Studio Rare Master Sessions Soundboard Yes 1 Disc
The Lost Radio Show KLOL-FM Radio Studio, Houston, Texas, 9th March 1974 Soundboard: no interview Yes 1 Disc
The Ties That Bind The River Studio Sessions Excellent Yes 1 Disc
The Unplanned Gig The Village, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 21st June 1984 plus Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ, 21st September 1978 Soundboard Yes 1 Disc
This Hard Land The Hit Factory & The Power Station, New York City, New York, 1982-April 1984 Soundboard Yes 1 Disc
USA Blues Acoustic Live 1992-1993 Great audience DAT collection Yes 1 Disc
USA Blues Volume 2 More various live Audience DAT Yes 1 Disc
War and Roses Born To Run Outtakes Excellent Yes 1 Disc
Where The Rivers Meet 22nd September 1984 Excellent audience Yes 3 Discs
Winterland Night Winterland Ca. 15th December 1978 Excellent: this was a broadcast concert Yes 3 Discs


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