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THE ROLLING STONES A Beggar's Opera Olympic Studios 1968/69 Excellent: vinyl sourced Yes 1 Disc
Acetates Early Seventies outtakes Excellent Yes 1 Disc
Acoustic Motherfuckers Outtakes 69-70 Excellent Yes 1 Disc
Ahmet Ertegun, Thankyou Kindly Fort Worth Texas 24th June 1972 Soundboard Yes 1 Disc
A Sticky Sydney Wicket Sydney (cricket ground?), Australia, 26th February 1973 Sounds like a stage mix: not the greatest board sound Yes 1 Disc
Astoria 2003 London Astoria, 27th August, 2003 Audience No 2 Discs
Atlantic City Live 20th December 1989 FM Broadcast Yes 3 Discs
At The Marquee Club: The Complete Private Gig! Marquee Club 26th March 1971 Muddy soundboard No 1 Disc
Black Box Recordings Oustanding set of outtakes and rareties Excellent

1: F B

2: F B

3: F B

3 Discs
Blue-S-Tones Set of outtakes Excellent: some vinyl sourced Yes 1 Disc
Brussels Affair Live 17th October 1973 Excellent Yes 1 Disc
Chain Shooting Memphis, Mid South Coliseum 28th June 1978 Excellent: bright No 1 Disc
Columbus Nationwide Arena

Nationwide Arena, Columbus, OH, 24 September 2005. Includes 'Sway'.

Pretty good audience Yes 2 Discs
Comerica Park 2005 Detroit 31st August 2005 Audience: bit clappy-clappy No 2 Discs
Die Rolling Stones auf dem Hockenheimring 19th August 1995 Soundboard Yes 2 Discs
Drinking and Dancing Highlights from the Gothenburg concerts 19th-10th June 1982 Pretty good audience equivalence Yes 1 Disc
Exiles Afternoon Revisited Perth, Australia, 24th February 1993 plus Dallas, TX, rehearsals, 1972 Generally very good: bit rough and ready Yes 1 Disc
Exile Stones Studio Outtakes Studio Yes 1 Disc
Get The Fuck Outta Here! Various Stones and solo curiosities Soundboard Yes 1 Disc
Get Your Leeds Lungs Out Revisited Remastered version of the 13th March 1971 gig Excellent Yes 1 Disc
Gimme All your Money Oakland opening night 25th January 1999 plus extras Excellent Yes 2 Discs
Hampton 81 18th December 1981 Soundboard Yes 2 Discs
Handsome Girls Four CD piece from the 1978 US tour: from the original master tapes for a broadcast that was not to be Soundboard Yes 4 Discs
Hartford Civic Center Second Night Live 29th March 1999 Audience DAT: good but a bit muddy, some flaws Yes 2 Discs
Honky Tonk Heaven Outtakes 1978/79 Varies: generally good demo. Not perfect. Yes 1 Disc
Hot August Night Knebworth Fectival, 21st August 1976 Mix of soundboard and audience to make up what I think is the whole gig Yes 2 Discs
Hot Stuff - Black and Blue tour 1976 Could be culled from various gigs Soundboard Yes 1 Disc
Hyde Park 1969 Brian Jones Eulogy Concert 5th July 1969 Not bad: kind of muddy soundboard. Possibly a board mix. Yes 2 Discs
It's Only Rock 'n' Roll Outtakes Outtakes 1970-75 Good demo Yes 1 Disc
Itchy Fingers Outtakes from Beggar's Banquet, Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers sessions & Bearsville Studios (rehearsal sessions for the 1978 upcoming US tour) Excellent Yes 1 Disc
Jungle In Spain Live in Madrid 1989/90 World Tour Soundboard Yes 2 Discs
The Killer Festival Altamont 6th December 1969 Sounds like an audience recording on a good tape deck of the time. Varies. Stones nadir. Yes 2 Discs
King Biscuit Broadcast disc 27th September 1987: tracks from 1981, 1978, 1973. Includes a couple of dj comments betweeen tracks. Excellent Yes 1 Disc
LA Friday Inglewood, California, 13th July 1975 (some doubt about the date on this boot) Audience Yes 2 Discs
Live At The New Orleans Superdome 10th October 1994 Sounds like a board mix No 2 Discs
Memphis 1978 FM broadcast Excellent: I have two versions, one with the annoying Dj (talking about Rod Wood) and one with him edited out. Nice job. No 1 Disc
Mixed Pickles Rareties and outtakes Generally excellent Yes 1 Disc
MSG NYC 1972 25th July 1972: Both Shows Audience No 3 Discs
Nationwide Arena 2005 Nationwide Arena, Columbus, OH, 24th September 2005 Audience No 2 Discs
Nasty Songs 1972/73: Brussels/MSG/Wembley I have a feeling it's lifted from vinyl but it is absolutely mint No 2 Discs
Piece Of Gold Live Soldier Field, Chicago, 23rd September 1997 Soundboard Yes 1 Disc
Rockin' The House Down In Bremen Bremen, Germany, 9th September 1998 Soundboard Yes 2 Discs
Rocks Off! Live Perth Cricket Ground Australia 24th February 1973 Excellent Yes 1 Disc
Rolling Stones '90 Live Tokyo, Karakuen Dome, 26th February 1990 plus Atlantic City filler Soundboard Yes 2 Discs
RSVP Beggar's Banquet Outtakes Excellent Yes 1 Disc
Seventh of July Wembley Stadium 7th July 1990 Soundboard Yes 2 Discs
Some Girls Sessions Stones in the studio Soundboard but probably not first generation: hissy Yes 1 Disc
Some Girls Sessions Remastered As above but with noise reduction Soundboard but probably not first generation Yes 1 Disc
Static In The Attic Various Seventies outtakes Soundboard Yes 1 Disc
Stripped Companion Studio and live companion to Voodoo Lounge/Stripped: excellent Soundboard Yes 1 Disc
Thee Satanic Sessions Olympic Years 1967-1970 Clean vinyl source: soundboard Yes 1 Disc
The Foottappers and Wheel Shunters Club Gig Paradiso, Amsterdam 27th May 1995 Official broadcast tape: recorded for television Yes 2 Discs
Tricky Fingers and Slicky Ringers Outtakes from Sticky Fingers period 1969-71 Generally excellent: some vinyl sourced Yes 1 Disc
Urban Jungle Wembley, London, 7th July 1990 Soundboard Yes 2 Discs
Voodoo At Halloween Oakland, California, 31st October 1994 Excellent Yes 2 Discs
Voodoo Brew Dublin, Windmill Lane Studios 3.11-11.12.1993 Excellent Yes 4 Discs
Voodoo Stew Dublin, IR 11.-12.1993 & Windmill Lane Studios Barbados 1993/Blue Wave Studio 20 4th May 1993 Excellent Yes 4 Discs
Welcome To New York Madison Square Gardens Live 26th July 1972 Soundboard Yes 1 Disc
Wingless Angels Various studio and live Soundboard (some hiss) Yes 1 Disc
KEITH RICHARDS And the X-Pensive Winos Live at Köln Sport Halle, Germany, 29th November 1992 Soundboard Yes 2 Discs
  Unknown Dreams Studio session with Keith banging out some standards. Rather touching. Studio F B 1 Disc


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