A small but perfectly formed collection

Where it says Pro-shot it means exactly that but it may not be first generation. Ask if you're unsure.



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1969 Woodstock 1969 Black and White, time coded, not perfect but it's The Who at Woodstock. Look and learn.   1 Disc
1969 Woodstock 1969 Extended Edition I am watching this as I type. Blimey. Marvellous. Mix of Black and White and Colour. Time coded.   1 Disc
1969 Isle of Wight 1969 Who in Barnstorming performance: no arguments.   1 Disc
1973 Voorburg 1973 Voorburg, March 10th 1973. Short concert plus TV appearances. 4 Reel version. Rather good.   1 Disc
1974 Charlton Athletic FC May 18 1974. Includes Relay and Join Together promo, Pete Interview and nine tracks from teh gig   1 Disc
1974 Summer Jam 1974 Fourteen tracks plus Pete interview F B 1 Disc
1974 Charlton 1974 Eight tracks plus interview with Pete. From the South Bank Show on UK TV. From 18th May 1974.   1 Disc
1974 Charlton 1974 As above but with even more Happy Who Times! Case 2 Discs
1974 Charlton 1974 Compilation Clips from the gig from various sources plus TV interview   2 Discs
1974 The Who 4 Charlton 75000 Gold Hawk DVD production: assimilation of Japanese 2 discs DVD. Case 1 Disc
1975 Cleveland Hot Legs The Who "Live In Cleveland 1975", Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, 9th December 1975: NTSC
Case 1 Disc
1975 Houston Summit 1975 Outstanding to see this finally see the light of day. NOTE: This is a double layer DVD. You need to email me first to find out the implications of trading for this. I may be able to split it into single DVDs with the extras on one DVD and Houston on the other but this may have quality implications. (Phew!) Case 1 Disc (DL)
1979 The Who and Friends Roar In I quote: "30minutes of choppy 8mm film shot far from the stage" Case 1 Disc
1982 Jack Murphy Stadium 1982 Jack Murphy Stadium, San Diego, 17th October 1982. Pro shot but from a few generations down video. Not digital quality but rather good. Case 1 Disc
1982 Mission Valley Rock As above but complete show: some occasional minor glitches. Case 1 Disc
1982 Seattle 1982 Seattle Kingdome 20th October 1982. Pro shot, pretty good. Some minor glitches. C I 1 Disc
1982 Singin' In Vlissingen Shea Stadium, NY, October 12th 1982. Pr-shot with time code Case 1 Disc
1988 Brits 1988 3 songs (one cut off by ignorant TV execs)   1 Disc
1989 Alpine Valley 1989 Alpine Valley, East Troy, MI, 21st July 1989. Not complete show. Case 1 Disc
1989 Dallas 1989 Cotton Bowl, 3rd September 1989, Dallas, TX Case 1 Disc
1989 East Rutherford Tommy Pro shot. Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA, Tommy 2nd July 1989. Case 2 Discs
1990 Aspel Show and More Recorded from terrestrial TV to video in 1990. PAL but may be able to transfer to NTSC. Don't expect super digital quality: very good but audio a little off at the end. With extras.   1 Disc
1996 Dayton 1996 EJ Nutter Center, Dayton, Ohio, 4th November 1996: Pro shot. (NB PAL version)



1 Disc
1996 Quadrophenia From different events: Philadelphia, Hyde Park (Pro), MSG 1996. Audience except for Hyde Park. Case 1 Disc
1997 Hartford 1997 2nd August 1997. Audience. Quadrophenia show.   1 Disc
1999 House of Blues 1999 Mad Raving Stark Production. Chicago, IL, House Of Blues, 12th November 1999. From a VHS. Pro shot, not first generation. Don't expect too much and you'll be pleased. Some initial digital noise which goes.
  2 Discs
1999 Shepherds Bush 1999 Shepherds Bush London 22nd December 1999. Audience cam.   2 Discs
1999 Bridge Acoustic Show 1999 Bridge School Benefit Concerts, Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, Ca.,
30th & 31st October 1999. Pro-Shot Video > Unknown Generation VHS > SA Recorded DVD > PC Authored DVD
Case 1 Disc
2000 Detroit 2000 Pro shot: 27th June 2000 (Let's See Action false start in the wrong key: marvelous).   1 Disc
2000 MSG 2002 Amateur cam: 31st July 2002   2 Discs
2000 MSG 2000 Amateur cam: 6th October 2000   2 Discs
2000 MSG 2000 Amateur cam: 7th October 2000   2 Discs
2000 My Idea of Ecstasy Pro-shot 7th July 2000 show. Camden, New Jersey. Case 2 Discs
2000 Houston 2000 Incomplete pro-shot 29th August 2000. Includes French TV 1966 and some other clips. Case 1 Disc
2000 Hot And Sweaty The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, Houston, Texas, 29th August 200. Upgrade on the above. Case 1 Disc
2002 Sacramento 2002 Sacramento, CA, AutoWest Amphitheatre, July 4th 2002, Audience cam. Includes extra Encores,   2 Discs
2002 MSG 2002 Madison Square Garden, 31st July 2002. Audience: two cam mix. Case  
2002 Greek Theatre 2002 Los Angeles, CA, Greek Theatre, 17th September 2002. Audience cam.
  1 Disc
2002 Hard Rock Cafe 2002 Las Vegas, NV, Hard Rock Hotel The Joint, 14th September, 2002, Audience cam.   1 Disc
2002 Camden 2002 Pro shot: 27th July 2002   1 Disc
2004 London Forum 2004 Amateur cam: 24th March 2004   1 Disc
2004 London Forum 2004 Amateur cam: 25th March 2004   1 Disc
2004 Royal Albert Hall 2004 TCT show: audience shot. Master8 version Case 1 Disc
2004 Hot in Japan Osaka Dome, 25th July 2004. From the screen feed. Video is pretty damn good, audio great but no audience noise which is a tad weird between songs. To be recommended. Case 1 Disc
2004 Yokohama 2004 Rock Odyssey: Short Outstanding pro shot. Five tracks   1 Disc
2004 Yokohama 2004 Rock Odyssey: Long As above but near complete: Love Reign O'er Me was not broadcast. I went to this and it was fantastic (and I swear I can see myself in the crowd: Me.)


1 Disc
2005 Live 8 Top-class show-stealing magnificent fuck-the-rest-of-them performance. God Bless The 'Oo.   1 Disc
2006 Who Got Away With It BBC Electric Proms, 29th October 2006.   1 Disc
2007 Who Are We BBC TV broadcast of full Glastonbury performance, 24th June 2007. Menued and chaptered.

Case Disc

1 Disc
2008 Great To Be In DC Verizon Center, Washington, DC, 3rd November 2008. Audience cam. PAL format. Case 1 Disc
2012 The Who Rock The Olympics The Who close the London 2012 Olympic Games. All rights to being the greatest rock and roll band in the world reserved. Case 1 Disc
Compilation Stages: 1971-1989 Collection of various movie and news clips Case 1 Disc
Compilation TV and Film Archives Volume 1 Rather marvellous collection 1965-1967 Case 1 Disc
Compilation TV and Film Archives Volume 2 Rather marvellous collection 1967-1969 Case 1 Disc
Compilation TV and Film Archives Volume 3 Rather marvellous collection 1970-1979 Case 1 Disc
Compilation Purple Hearts and Power Chords Rather splendid collection of television appearances and promo clips from the Sixties Case 2 Discs
Compilation The Who Beat Club Selection B and W TV performances, mostly Tommy. Case 1 Disc
Compilation The Who Story 1967-2002 Collection of TV appearances, etc, generally from the sixties. Case 1 Disc
Various Quadrophenia Cast & Crew British TV Special from 2005. Interviews with various luminaries from the making of the film (no band or music involvement). Case 1 Disc
Various Top Gear Meets The Who British Car programme which shows the presenters testing various vans (trucks) to the background of The Who at Hyde Park 2006. Other non-Who material included.   1 Disc
Basement Jam Pete Townshend and Rachel Fuller Webcast 4th December 2005 with lots of excellent bonus tracks (mostly from In the Attic). Thanks to William Lynd.
  1 Disc
Beacon Theater 1993 Audience shot, Beacon Theater, New York, USA, 13th July 1993
Case 1 Disc
  Cannes Midem 1986: Rockpalast Midem, Cannes, France, 29th January 1986. From a video but pretty damn good.
Case 1 Disc
  A Day in the Garden 15th August 1998, Yasgur's Farm. Bethel, NY. Pro-Shot > Webcast > Unknown Generation VHS > Unknown Transfer > NTSC DVD.
Case 2 Discs
  Fillmore West and Rehearsals 30th April 1996: good audience shot: with rehearsals. Case 1 Disc
  The Letterman Compilation Hntgzr's very fine piece of work compiling The Man himself from his TV appearances: 1985-1999 Case 1 Disc
  Mayfair The Crystal Room, Mayfair Hotel, London, 2nd July 1993. Case 1 Disc
  Pinball Wizard Interview Pete Townshend Interview on Pinball Wizard 27th September 2005 at
Oceanic Studios in London
Case 1 Disc
  Storytellers Lifehouse track played to select audience and broadcast on MTV(?). Portuguese subtitles. 1 Disc
  The Tube 1985 Pete Townshend and the Deep End. Pete is interviewed by Jools Holland and then performs three songs.   1 Disc
  TV Chronicles Volume 1 Rather marvellous collection assiduously collected by Carrie Case 1 Disc
  TV Chronicles Volume 2 Rather marvellous second collection assiduously collected by Carrie Case 1 Disc
  Various UK TV Album Flash 2, South Bank Show, Pinball Wizard   1 Disc
  White City DVD transferred from Laserdisc Case 1 Disc
JOHN ENTWISTLE Club Bene The John Entwistle Band Club Bene, South Amboy, NJ, USA, 17th June 1998   1 Disc
  Thunderfingers Biography (UK) documentary about the finest bassist that has ever lived. Case 1 Disc
The Real Keith and More A collection of TV documentaries focusing on Keith. From video so not digital quality but marvellous (and moving).   1 Disc


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