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A Day In The Garden Pete at Woodstock 15th August 19982 Discs
Air Studio Demos No Road Romance and Another Tricky Day from October 1980. Soundboard. 1 Disc
B-sides and odditiesCollection of usual Townshend rareties, if that makes sense1 Disc
Berkeley 1993 Berkeley Community Theater,
Berkeley, California, 3rd August 1993
Excellent audience recording of Pete and the Psychoderelict show (and lots of other [some rare] favourites)
3 Discs
Brixton 85Includes two Letterman tracks and four from Cannes Midem2 Discs
Brockwell Park Audience tape of gig at Brockwell Park, London, 30th May, 1981. Not the best quality but some intriguing songs ('Body Language', anyone?) 1 Disc
Cannes Midem Live 1986 FM broadcast: excellent1 Disc
Cannes Midem Complete 1986FM broadcast: excellent. Dj idents pretty much taken out: includes Blue Light.2 Discs
Chinese City Various demos and outtakes. I cleaned up a few tracks on this to take out intrusive vinyl noise. Nothing major but much better now. 1 Disc
Dance It Away Demos and Rareties: inc. Riot In The Female Jail1 Disc
Deep End at Brixton Brixton Academy Theatre, 1st November, 1985 2 Discs
Drowned New York Children's Benefit Concert (Paul Simon & Friends), Paramount Theater, NYC, 10th September 1995 1 Disc
Fillmore Live 1996 FM broadcast1 Disc
Genius Of Pete TownshendLifehouse demos1 Disc
Genuine ScoopLots of demos, upgrades, etc. Repaired My Generation demo included5 Discs
Harborlights Pretty good audience2 Discs
  Hard Dances Face Dances and It's Hard demos. Includes Cry If You Want and Another Tricky Day 1 Disc
1997House of Blues14th June 1997: Excellent and complete.2 Discs
House of Blues 29th July 1999: Very good (Audience DAT?). With Eddie Vedder. Some mike bursts on one or two tracks.1 Disc
In Search of the Glass Household Seven tracks from 'In the Attic'. Demos. 1 Disc
It's Face Demos This is good demo quality: some tape hiss from the original recording1 Disc
Jones Beach 93Wantaugh, 12th August 1993: Psychoderelict show and lots of other 2 Discs
La Jolla Second NightBenefit concert 23rd June 20012 Discs
Lifehouse and Quadrophenia DemosExcellent collection: some vinyl sourced2 Discs
Lifehouse at Sadlers Wells Westwood FM Broadcast This is a top quality piece2 Discs
Lifehouse at Sadler's Wells 25th February 2000 Audience DAT, awesome3 Discs
Lifehouse at Sadler's Wells 26th February 2000 Audience DAT, awesome3 Discs
The Lifehouse Broadcasts 2000 FM Lifehouse plus VH1 Storytellers remastered with dj commentary removed: nice job2 Discs
Listening TimeRadio promotional disc: Pete introducing 'Chinese Eyes'. Vinyl sourced but pretty clean.1 Disc
Live in Los Angeles 1994 Though it's actually Brooklyn Academy of Music 7th August 19931 Disc
Mayfair Theatre2nd July 1993: audience but very good. Psychoderelict performance.2 Discs
Music Must Change Who Are You demos1 Disc
Music Must ChangeAs above: Who Are You demos with some noise reduction. No bonus tracks.1 Disc
New York Live 93 7th August 1993. Inc. some Psychoderelict2 Discs
Odds and Sods II Weird and wonderful: some tracks from the 'Lone Ranger' film1 Disc
The Other ScoopCollection of demos2 Discs
Playing Tunes For Towser Various leftovers: sound varies from excellent to good demo quality1 Disc
PT Demos for The Who 1964-1967 Nice selection 1 Disc
PT Demos for The Who 1968-1969 Complement to the above 1 Disc
PTJW Johnnie Walker show FM Broadcast 23rd July 2006. Interview and two songs. 1 Disc
Punk Meets The Godfather Some Quadrophenia demos and some Lifehouse1 Disc
Quadrophenia Demos (some differences from the above CD) Soundboard but not first generation1 Disc
RaretiesVarious oddities and soddities1 Disc
Rough Boy: Beacon Theater, NY, 1993 Audience DAT1 Disc
Roundhouse 1974Wild Action (see below) cleaned up a bit and with the addition of two missing tracks (both from an analogue source).1 Disc
Secondhand Love Collection of rareties, b-sides, etc. You've probably got them but there's a bried Pete interview at the end (1:23) 1 Disc
1979Shepperton RehearsalsRock Against Racism Rehearsals 19792 Discs
So Hard To Pin Down Obscure live and original Townshend recordings. Studio soundboard/audience: Excellent/very good: includes Penny Drop.1 Disc
Stone Cold DrunkArie Crown Theater, Chicago, 17th July 1993: Psychoderelict show and more3 Discs
Storytellers VH1 FM recording1 Disc
1997 Stuttgart 1997 Quadrophenia show 5th May 1997. Pretty good audience recording but some intrusive clapping. Worth having. 2 Discs
Supper Club New YorkInc. Slit Skirts. With Eddie Vedder.1 Disc
The Tommy Demos Townshend's home demos of the album1 Disc
Tommy: Pete Townshend Demos remastered by Nitehawk from various sources. Includes 'I Believe My Own Eyes'. 1 Disc
Through the Years Quirky collection of demos including Drowned and Riot in the Female Jail (the man's bonkers). 1 Disc
Truro 1998Cornwall, 10th November 1998. Loud, clipped audience but a period piece. Benefit show.2 Discs
TwentyEel Pie demos slated for release but pulled1 Disc
Unfinished NumbersWho By Numbers demos inc. 'However Much I Booze' instrumental1 Disc
UnscoopedPut together Cdr of various demos: resampled from mp3. Inc. 'Is It In My Head'.1 Disc
Who's Lost Collection of live/studio/demos 2 Discs
Wild Action solo 1974 Audience1 Disc
A Walk Down Abbey Road I'm pretty sure this is Westbury, New York, 19th July 2001 2 Discs
Backtrack 14: The OxCollection of Who Entwistle songs: shows what a good writer he was.1 Disc
Back at BB King's BB King Blues Club, New York, NY, 9th June 2001, (late show). 2 Discs
1979Crystal Studio DemosSeven tracks: full band. Rough mixes. 16th July 1979.1 Disc
Rat Race ChoirThe Bottom Line 8th November 1987 (I have the Leslie West/Rat Race portion as well if wanted: makes it two discs)1 Disc
The Best: Yokohama Japan Yokohama, Japan, 26th September 1990. "Formed by ex-Steely Dan and Doobie Brothers guitarist "Skunk" Baxter and Who bassist John Entwistle the set list for the tour was made up by the members picking favourites from their bandmates' back catalogues." 1 Disc
Summertime BluesOrpheum Theater, Boston, Ma, 18th December 1985 1 Disc
  Who's Who Four interviews with the members of The Who broadcast on BBC Radio 1 in October 1974. I remember listening to these: marvellous. 4 Discs


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